Monday, March 29, 2010

Just for safe keeping

I need to make a little list (love a list) of all the funny/cute things Deacon has been saying lately.
So here goes, enjoy.
  • He always adds the word "my" at unnecessary times, example "get me my out" "let me my down" "let me my see it" pretty cute.
  • Apparently he thinks Jesus is actually in the flesh at our church. When he gets bored in sacrament meeting he likes to yell "I wanna see Jesus!"
  • In an airport on the last leg of our travels to Scotland he was throwing the biggest fit I have ever seen over a expensive Thomas the train toy. I finally had no choice but to buy the stupid train (I swear airport personal were on there way to take my child from me) Three days later in Scotland he came up to me and said " I sorry mommy I no buy choos choos anymore, I promise."
  • Any sporting event on TV he takes a moment to scream at the screen "Go Jazz!"
  • Today while I was eating a salad for lunch Deacon looked at me and said in a high pitched voice (meant to mimic me I am sure) "good job mommy that's a big bite!"
  • When we pulled into our neighborhood from the airport he squealed with excitement "I wanna see my toy box!"
  • Last night in his prayer he said "I love Laura" She had been at our house for dinner.
  • When his cousin Will was over I had to give Deacon a bath and when he got out he said " I want my special Will!"
  • He often times on occasion says someone elses name when you ask what his name is. Like the time we were at Ikea and a lady told him he was cute and asked what his name was and he promptly replied "Alfie" he has also said Owen, Stockton and Dane.
  • He also loves to go outside in the back and play for hours, it is great when I am in the kitchen I just open the window and peek on him every little bit, he is always exploring or talking to duke.
Two has been a really fun age, I will be sad to see it go, I hope three is just as darling and hilarious. Did I miss anything Curtis?

Snap out of it!

I keep thinking if I never post anything new then my trip is not really over. Does anyone else get that feeling after a really great trip? That life will never quite be as awesome as it was on vacation? So to try and bring back the vacation awesomeness Deacon and I are soaking up every bit of warm weather spring brings us in the above pictured hammock. Ps. remember last year when Curt gave Deacon the worlds worst haircut? Well there it is in case you forgot.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here we are,

Home. After a 1 hour flight from Scotland to Amsterdam a 8 hour flight with 2 full hours on the runway before takeoff totaling 10 hours to New York city a night in a NYC airport hotel because we missed our connecting flight from NYC to SLC a 6 hour flight at 6 am the next morning from NYC to SLC and seeing one happy boy run to his happy dad he had not seen in 3 weeks, WE ARE HOME. We missed you.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beaches and Bubbles

Something about the beach and giant bubble wands that just treat you right.

Castle Fraser. Inverurie, Scotland

Sunday afternoon at the Fraser castle was perfectly perfect in every way. Such a beautiful place with tons of fun things for kids. Darling features like this tiny ice house pictured below.

Love this exterior. I know half my posts about Scotland involve a castle. I swear there is magic in the air when you visit one, it is totally addictive seeing these old structures and learning about what castle life is all about. I really love it here. But, what I love about America- Diet coke from the fountain and high power washer and dryers. Both of those things are missing in Europe. Although I could go without them for a few more weeks............

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Slains castle, Cruden Bay

This castle was unreal. Seriously one of my favorite things I have ever seen. Slains castle is a huge ruined castle built clear back int he 1500's. It is absolutely nuts to me that it is even still around, although in ruins. It is said that this castle is the inspiration for Bram Stokers' book Dracula. We had the best time there, the kids loved running around and imagining where the princess slept when it was still a fancy castle. I can not get over the view of the North sea that surrounds most of the castle. The castle is literally on the edge of the cliff, had to be careful as to not let any of us fall off to our deaths. This place is also pretty creepy. so many nooks and cranny and creepy dark corners.
So many cool spots.
Me and Deacon in what I imagine was once the ballroom or something extravagant.
This is the view off on side of the castle. Amazing.
It was a long walk to the castle, at least two miles of tons of mud. So worth the crazy walk. Miriam loved the walk, Deacon loved most of the walk and Evie hated every second so Raymond carried her all the way there and back. That's a workout.
I loved the creepy stairs, I did not get any great photos because I had to hurry and save the kids from climbing up the stairs that abruptly end. Cute castle family. And Deacon running his guts out.
A pair of Wellie boots to call my own! Thank goodness I had these for this walk, otherwise I would have been a muddy mess.
Another beautiful shot of the sea. Too bad Angie was not there to adequately capture how cool this place was.
Because the castle is surrounded by sea it is near impossible to get a great shot. This is the best I got, it is something you really have to see to believe. Raymond was the only one who has been to this castle before so it was fun for us all to be blown away together.
This is the first little inlet to the sea as you are walking. Also your first chance to fall into the sea if you are not careful.
Me and my sister. So fun to be here and spend time with her family. Almost as fun as seeing all the cool stuff. Just kidding, I think.

Springtime in Scotland

Spring sprung while I was in Norway! We celebrated by seeing another (shocker!) castle. It seems like it would get old to see castle after castle, not one bit. Each castle is so unique and detailed and so old, the oldness is what makes these buildings so incredible.
I particularly liked this castle, Drum castle because it was so charming and quaint.

It had the most darling courtyard where they have a little cafe or you can have events there. I loved the mossy courtyard walls.

And these little steps leading into the castle from the courtyard, adorable.

And who does not love the first flowers of the spring? I love these snowdrops. So sad our time here is almost over but we are cramming ever ounce of fun in we can. Get ready for some good posts! I know you are holding your breath, breathe easy they are coming.

A little project

You didnt actually think I could be gone for a whole month and not do any projects did you? Amelia had this little raw wood table from Ikea that was prime for the painting. We took a night and a whole lot of mod podge and came up with something pretty cute.This is one of the two chairs, the little girls looooved them.

I am in love with this table top, we just cut out a bunch of squares and just placed it as we wished.

I thought little felt flowers would like charming, they do.

Ta da! Know I want to buy a little table and fancy it up for Deacon. So fun and exciting to see how much the little girls loved it.

Friday, March 19, 2010


And it feels so good!

After being in London and Norway for eight days I was so so ready and excited to see Deacon. In four more days our world travels will be over. Boo. But so good to come home and see Daddy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We took a quick day trip to Sweden. Let me tell you what I saw there, lots of candy stores and lots of erotica stores. Seriously. We mainly went to the candy stores. Norway is super expensive so lots of norwegians drive to Sweden to buy certain things. We went a blew a bunch of money on a ton of different candy. Pretty fun (and funny) if you ask me. Also in Sweden, lots of blue eyes and blonde hair. Does everyone else love this flavor of doritos as much as me? I dedicate this picture to Walker who is a cool american in China longing for doritos. Does he read this blog? We will see.
This is a picture of a hobo in front of one of the many many candy stores, oh wait a minute thats me, not lookin so good.
This is the candy Curtis has been talking about for years, gummy mushrooms. He bought two tubs of them to bring home, that should tide him over for the next ten years.
Seriously bulk candy as far as the eye can see. I have never seen such a sight. I was totally overwhelmed by the selection. Such wacky choices. The make gummy candies in every single shape and color, imagine what gummy candies they sell at the eriotica stores!
And on a side note, this is the car we rented to drive to Sweden. Anyone seen the movie Cars a few too many times? This car is the same as Luigi who owns the tire store. A Fiat, I laughed all day riding in that thing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alby beach. Moss, Norway

This beach was so beautiful. So different than any other beach or coastline I have ever been to. The water was so clear and the forest we walked through to get to it was right out of a fairy tale. Curtis served in this area the longest, he was shocked at how different the town of Moss was. I guess you give a town ten years it will change on ya. I thought it was very charming and lovely.Here is Curtis at the shore of the beach.

The view into the forest from the shore.

Loved the rock beach and how pretty the snow looked on the beach, something I have never seen before.
I was in awe of this view.
This is the forest we walked through to get to the beach, for sure my favorite part. Norway is absolutely one of the most beautiful places i have ever been, just driving on the freeway you see amazing things, darling little cottages, incredible fjords and tons of tall tall trees. I am so happy I was able to see it firsthand.

Frogner Park. Oslo, Norway

Post edit: This is the famous park where ladies sunbathe topless in the summer. Curtis' mission president made the statement to the missionaries "Stay out of Frogner park! Theres boobs everywheres!!"

We went to Frogner park in Norway, it is a really hilarious park. It is a huge sprawling park much like central park except it is full of sculptures devoted to the human body.

Here is Curtis just talking to some naked dudes.
Here I am in front of one of the gates of the park, it is clearly devoted to the male body.
This sculpture of the angry baby is probably the most famous sculpture in the park. And the most hilarious in the park.

This statue was almost too much for me to take! I loved going to this park. Curtis has tons of pictures at this park from when he was here last so it was fun to see in real life. Hope you enjoy all the fine art.