Saturday, March 9, 2013

Precious Pearl

Here is my darling Gwennie girl on her blessing day. It was the best day. I definitely felt loved, blessed, overwhelmed and so happy. A few things about our sweetest baby Gwen:
  • She is just a petite little thing, she is getting chubby but she is still so little and very feminine.
  • Best sleeper ever. Even better than Deacon and he was really good. I swaddle her up and rock her to sleep, she sleeps for about 10 hours wakes up in the morning when the family is leaving for work/school, eats and then goes back to sleep for 2 or 3 hours.
  • So content in the baby bjorn, I love it too.
  • Takes a binky and loves to be held tight to you with a binky in her mouth while she drifts to sleep.
  • Smiles ALL the time but no laughs yet! Even when she cries if you say dadadadada she will smile.
  • Likes to see her face in the mirror, who can blame her.
  • Loves Deacon, will smile for him anytime.
When she was blessed I kept thinking that I am the blessed one. How thankful I feel that she is mine. I just love her so.
Some of the nicknames we have for our babe:
Gwen, Gwenners (Curtis especially uses that one) Gwennie, GwennieBabe, GwennieGirl, Sissy, Pearly, Baby.
What can I say, her name works well for nicknames! I never want this babymoon to end. It is the best place to be.