Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Happs.

 Would you look at this six month old cutie?? Do not be fooled though, that outfit is all 0-3 months. What??!!
 A little tradition Deacon I have started, an ice cream cone on the hammock after dinner. Also, please take note of my perfectly painted nail, news years resolution going strong!
 Summertime wardrobe, cuttoffs and a tee shirt, also a summertime staple: a mid afternoon nap when it is too hot to do anything else.
 I promise Deacon is actually very happy about the Bucket list. We are having a blast checking things off. We added some big, fun (expensive!) things to our list, we are hoping our daddy wants to do them.(Disneyland!)
 Just so you do not think Gwennie is the perfect baby, I remember this night, she was pissssssed.
The picture equal parts delights and terrifies me, Deacon LOVES to pick her up and make her stand. No one and nothing makes her face light up like her beloved Deacon.

And there ya have it, the Leasure family happenings.


Lisa B. said...

I remember picking Lori Ann Orme (McBride) when she was little and making her stand. I swear she loved it. (I was twelve, though.)

Love this post--and love a summertime nap like it is my job!

Lesley said...

Man, your summer is the bomb!--Lesley

ABick said...

i love how happy deacon is to be a big brother and how much gwennie loves him! this post rocks! :)