Sunday, August 25, 2013

Here I go again on my own.

 The below picture is Deacon writing a goodbye note to Walker that was so sweet.
And then there was one. You would think in a family of 6 kids one or two of them might end up in the same place, nope. I left my a party at my moms house tonight with tears streaming down my face after saying goodbye to my youngest brother Walker. He is heading to China for the next year and not coming home once. Boo hoo!

Too many goodbyes this summer! Goodbye to Issac, Lesley and their family, goodbye to Walker, goodbye to lazy days with Deacon, goodbye to a calling in young women I loved so dearly, goodbye to my college bound niece. I wish I was better at goodbyes but when your little brother hugs you, chokes up and hurries inside I spend the rest of the night crying into a mountain of laundry.

So I suppose I need to say hello to Skype, hello to more blogging, hello to some trips to visit the people I love. And hopefully hello to winning the lottery so I can pay them all to move back.


Lisa B. said...

Too much. When I saw the two of you with tears in your eyes, that completely undid me. Too much. That note of Deacon's was so sweet.

Lesley said...

Now I have that Boyz II men song "It's so hard to say goodbye" in my head. I miss you and your cute kiddos so much! That is pretty dumb that you are the only kid from the Steve Bickmore clan left in Utah. I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

ABick said...

thank you for making me cry sophie! walker doesn't cry much so when he is sad, it's really sad for everyone else around. it really is crazy that you're the only one home. but i'm happy for every single one of us and our new adventures. love you soph. let's please skype or call more.