Monday, August 24, 2009

Bear World! RAAAAWR!

Deacon in the petting zoo, he was totally fearless until one of the tiny baby goats bucked him. i screamed which in turned made him terrified of the goats the rest of the time.
This picture of bears was taken from the car window. I think Annie said it best when she said: "these bears look so cute in our car but they will kick your ass in real life." So very very true.

This is me Annie Deacon and Alfie as a bear family. I love tacky cut out pictures.

The best part hands down was the baby bear section, I loved it. They just look like big balls of fur.

Alfie loved the free rides (free meaning they come with your 18 buck aldut ticket) Deacon however simply did not love the free ride. I of course told the guy to stop the ride but not before I got a picture.

Get close.......Real close. That was the slogan on the sign for Bear World in Idaho. Poor Annie was so embarassed because I kept asking each worker how close we could get, real close? It is such a funny slogan. It really is such a weird cool place though. I loved seeing all the animals and the boys loved it. It was the perfect stop on our way home from the cabin.
Since bear world Deacon and I have had this conversation lots of times:
Mom: What did you see the other day?
Deacon: Bears!
M: What does a bear say?
M: What else did you see?
D: Doats! (goats)
M: What does a goat say?
M: And what did you ride?
D: Choo Choo!
M: Who did you do all this fun stuff with?
D: Alf-eeee! ( I love the way he draws out the e on Alfies name, so cute)


Lisa B. said...

Oh the glory and the trauma. I'm glad you had pictures of the bears. Weird and also cool. Poor D and the car! Just you try to get him his driver's license when he turns 16!

The Hungry Fashionista said...

Oh my heck i freakin love that picture of you guys in the bear cutouts! So funny!

Annie @ Originate and Renovate said...

Thanks for the AMAZING memories on this trip. All these pictures are to die for. We most certainly must do this again.

Lesley said...

Bear world sounds AWESOME!

Amelia said...

Maybe next year all the cousins will go to Bear world!

Annie @ Originate and Renovate said...

You know I want your salad on my blog!

ABick said...

that is hilarious! i've always wanted to go to bear world but no one would go with me! but i'm glad you had fun!