Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Look at cute little Will getting so big, I can not believe he is almost one!

Deacon was thrilled to have three water balloons to send down his slide over and over again.
One two three slide! Deacon and aunt Abby.
Everyone eating and enjoying the nice weather while it lasts! Goodbye Summer!
Chalk art! This is the game where Deacon demands you draw a mouse/tractor/moon/car etc.
The grill master, does he not just look thrilled to be alive!?
Deacon taking a two second break from the pool and his precious water balloons to eat.
The menu for the Birthday feast! And boy was it delish!
The boys tossing the water balloons, can you see in Curts eyes how much he loves cheesy games?

good old fashioned water balloon toss, Curt and I won of course.
We were playing the game where you take a sponge and race to a bucket and try to squeeze out as much water as possible. Deacon was running back and forth every single time squeeling with excitment, it was so funny.
The sponge game, I am quick as lightning and Isaac is trying his best to cheat. No way, not on my watch.
The birthday girl blowing out the candles on her yummy yummy coconut cupcakes with lime buttercream frosting (Thanks Lar for the yum recipie!)
I LOVE throwing a party, it is one of my most favorite things to do. It was extra fun because it was for my moms birthday and well, we love her. I need to start thinking of my next party.........


Lisa B. said...

This was such a fun party! Thank you for throwing it and making such wonderful food--I loved it.

Amelia said...

The only thing that would have improved this party is my presence... really.

The Hungry Fashionista said...

I love this party it looks so fun! And i hope the cupcakes turned out delightful! Sorry i had to ditch yesterday...headache from hell!
Love ya!

Isaac said...

Everything about that party was the bomb.

ABick said...

happy birthday mama!!! that was so much fun! :D

Karen S said...

Looks like fun. Happy Birthday Lisa!

DiaNe said...

looks like a blast! Sorry I couldn't make it.

Larn said...

you know soph, you can throw me a party any time you want.