Saturday, August 8, 2009

Half Marathon!

My running buddy and the girl
who like me when we first started
training could barely run 30 min.
straight! Well look at us now!

Me and my brotherIsaac who
probably trained 1/3 as much as
I did and barely finished after me,
He did great!

Me and Angie. Angie is training for a
full marathon and did so awesome when
she saw her finish time she thought the
clock was broken!

Isaac slowly coming out of a diabetic
coma by eating 6 pieces of cantoloupe.
(not really but it seemed like it)

Deacon not happy that he woken up early.

But the three pf us sure happy to have finished!

Lots of Details coming right up! I am sure noone cares about this much (except my mom) but I want to remember them. Me Issac Kris and Angie all drove to Orem the night before and stayed at my awesome Grandmas house. We ate at the spaghetti factory to carb up and laughed and had a good time. Right before dinner all the sudden it dawned on me that I had left the single most important thing I needed for the race by my front door, my running shoes! All I could do was laugh, I decided rather than trying to convince Curt to drive me up my shoes I would just go to Nordstrom and buy a new pair of asics close to what I had been running in. The salesman kept laughing at me and I felt like such a moron. But I did not want to phsych myself out so I just bought a great pair of shoes and called it a night.

Then we headed to my Grandmas where we were staying the night. Angie and I shared a room and I felt like a kid having a sleepover all restless and giggly. It was a fun night of laughing and chatting until I had a rude awakening, literally at 4:30 am when it was time to head to the race. Then I wished I would have forced myself to fall asleep at 8:00 pm!

It was so cold at the top of Provo canyon! I was so glad I had a long sleeved shirt to wear. We had quite a bit of time before the race so we laughed at Isaac eating his energy "goo" and then he laughed at me actually gagging while I ate mine, how people can eat that crap is beyond me. The people watching was at its finest.

We finally started running andI felt great for the first 5 miles (like I usually do) then around mile 6 my shoes hurt and my toes were killing me. I knew at that point that 13 miles is not the best way to break in new running shoes, but what do ya do! The course was beautiful especially the huge waterfall on the side of the mountain.

Miles 9-11 felt like forever! I was so focused on my stupid toes and knee hurting that I could barely concentrate on running. At mile 11 I spotted my brother Issac and totally got a second wind. I ran the last two miles so fast and I felt great! I was so focused on sprinting to the finish line that I almost missed my family cheering me on! Curt got it on video, pretty funny.

Then I waited for Isaac to cross about three minutes after me and it was fun to cheer for him. I think it is so inspiring to see so many people pushing themselves and being active. I also loved when walkers or joggers running the other way would give high fives and cheer you on.

I finished in 2 hours 14 minutes, I can definately do my next one faster but I was happy to do it in under 2:15. I will do some other races, but that will be my last half anytime soon! Thanks Kris for going along with my crazy idea! Sure made it easier to have a partner! Thanks to my family who cheered me on, it totally gave me my second wind to know you would be there at the finish line.


Lisa B. said...

I *am* glad that you wrote those details. It was really fun and inspiring to see you (and Isaac and Kris and Angie!) running in at the end. Well done!

Amelia said...

I am totally in awe of you. What a star. Good job! I hope your toes feel better. I think one of the most important parts of the story is that you didn't let the shoe thing freak you out, that totally would have freaked me out.

Becky said...

Wow, over TWO HOURS of running?? You're a Rock Star!! Way to go!!

I'm very impressed the shoe thing didn't freak you out either.

Now if only I can get my mouth to close.. I'm just in awe and it's hanging open... seriously.... lol

*Angie* said...

WOOOHOOO! way to go! It was so fun. Lets do it again in 2012? Thats enought time to forget all the bad things. hahaha. It was a blast, even though i slept maybe 3 hours.

Jenny said...

Great job!!!!! I loved the details, it sounds like you had a blast (besides the toes). Congrats on doing so well in the race. It must have felt great to finish strong.

gilian said...

You are definitely, officially my hero. Wow and wow. Good job.

Lesley said...


Annie @ Originate and Renovate said...

you freakin rock!! You are amazing and you look amazing in your pictures. I can't wait for Idaho

ABick said...

that is awesome!!! i am so proud of you and isaac (and kris and angie)!! that is so great! maybe i'll train for a 1/2 marathon with you guys! way to go soph!

Larn said...

rat i am so proud of you! i want to start training too. maybe once i get a car and can actually come over to your house...

Rich and Kristl said...

I can not tell you how amazed I am that you did this. Congatulations! Sorry to get off the phone so fast last Saturday, I will call you this week!