Sunday, December 13, 2009

Girls Christmas mania

We went along with our second annual handmade presents. Can you believe Sara handmade this candle and pot? Amazing.
Joelle and Casi, Joelle made Casi an adorable Ava ornament box that she can bring out every year.
I love this cute family letters that Casi made me. It is so thoughtful and I treasure it.

These pillows were ADORABLE. We all loved them, good job Ang! I did not catch a photo of the awesome food storage extravaganza Abbie made Angie or the absolutely darling car seat cover Heather made Abbie or oddly enough the potted tree I made Heather. But they were all awesome gifts.
We played the candy bar game and it was a hit! We were getting crazy, I have no idea how baby Maycee did not wake up!
Sorry Cas and Ang, I thought this picture was to sweet not to post. I love feeling baby bellies.
Me Heather and Maycee, Heather was an awesome host to bad there is no pictures of all the amazing food we ate, so yummy. and thank goodness when the snowstorm hit Joelle and Casi stayed to clean up cause I was outta there! It was a crazy drive home but totally worth it! Love you girls. (missed you Jess! at least I got to see you for a second!)


The Blanchard Family said...

SO FUN~ I loved it so much! I do think we need to start getting together for fun crafts like once a month or so ;) I am excited for you to see your bro! YEAH! I love you. . .MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lisa B. said...

I love these friendly gatherings of yours--it's truly a treasure to have friends who knew you when. Good for you all, for nurturing these connections.

Rachel said...

woohoo! handmade christmas. looks like a blast.

Jess and Nate said...

I'm glad you all could have another fun party without me haha at least I know our friends are sticking together and hopefully sometime in my life I'll be closer and able to share more of these moments with you guys!!! Love you!