Sunday, December 27, 2009

THE box.

Yes this box. The white box with a simple gold ribbon. Does not look too exciting but oh, it is.
Inside the simple boxes are the perfect hand dipped and homemade chocolates from my Grandma Orme. There is really nothing like them. They are so delicious but also look how pretty they are. I have seen this box every Christmas for as long as I can remember. I was absolutely giddy when I was old enough to get my own box for my own family. This box was always hidden in a high up cupboard when I was young, it was an adult treat.

I certainly know why. Deacon is not getting one bite.


ABick said...

i TOTALLY know what you mean!!!!
i love getting my own!

Lisa B. said...

Great post! and definitely great chocolates. What a return on investment, when my mom learned this powerful culinary art.

gilian said...

Oh,envy, envy, envy. I've got it bad.

My dad's Aunt Vera dipped chocolates and they were the best candy ever.

You are so lucky to have a chocolate dipper in the family. Blessed is her name.

The Hungry Fashionista said...

This is so cute! I LOVE it!

The Blanchard Family said...

You are so clever and cute! I love your post and I hope you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Kira said...

Happy birthday to you! After reading how much you love these chocolates, I am honored that you gave me one of the coconut delish!