Monday, December 7, 2009

a holly jolly holiday party

My friend Matt called me last week and had the idea that we needed to have a holiday party. You all know planning a party is my weak spot and I can never say no so I said YES! It turned out so fun, I made a yummy traditional dinner with one thing each person requested. We had a white elephant exchange which was hilarious. Ate peppermint ice cream with homemade hot fudge and watched Home Alone, a must watch each Christmas. And now a photo essay: Deacon had a great time wandering atound getting bites of everyones ice cream.
What is it about raspberry pretzel jello that is so delicious? This was Hailees request.
Nate had a good laugh at his own white elephant gift, a pic of him and his ex wife. Pretty funny.
Everyone around the table I set up in the living room spreading some holiday cheer.
Me enjoying some holiday "spirits" the peach Martinellis can not be topped. My request.
Laura had been dreaming of funeral potatoes and Nate had been dreaming of pot roast.
This is everyones hungry faces. Does anyone else think Matts request of peas is funny?
Curts one request was for us to stop saying "the bomb" and to stop taking so many pictures.
I love all the red candies! Please take note of the tiny corner of the menu- I like to let my guests know what to expect.
The table before the carnage. Doesn't the tree look pretty?! I love you Christmas.


Lisa B. said...

How fun is that? I love that you planned it around what each person requested--and can't wait to see your tree. Why does Curt hate "the bomb"? I can't help it--I think it's funny.

Jill said...

Remember when you let that girl borrow your hat and xxl stretchy pants? That was nice of you.

Cute party Sophia. I'm writing down all the stuff you're good at so I can use your skills when it suits me.

jamie said...

How cute!!! Can you just come plan/decorate my Christmas party???because clearly you have mad skills.

Amelia said...

I can't wait to see your adorable place. Will you throw me a party when I come to visit? I like all kinds of food. :)

Rachel said...

stop in the name of LOVE! you throw one heck of a party!! p.s. never ever stop saying THE BOMB. it is the bomb.

The Hungry Fashionista said...

This party was the bomb!
I love all the pics BUT, you got one thing wrong. You said that i requested funeral potatoes and Hailee requested raspberry pretzel got it backwards. Sorry to point it out.
On the other hand, you're the best party planner i know!

Annie @ Originate and Renovate said...

that made me want to eat cinnamon bears!

The Blanchard Family said...

You are the cutest and you are so creative! All your friends should be very thankful for you! How nice that you put the whole thing together and HOW IMPRESSIVE! Can't wait for our party this weekend!

Nesting with Grace said...

WOW...I love that you do a menu so your guests know what to expect ha!
Also Ella would request peas so what does that say :)??