Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ronald Mcdonald house

Here is ten thousand random pictures of the room redo we did at the Ronald Mcdonald house. We had so much fun doing it! Take a look! Casi and Rachel working really hard to paint the room.
We all loved this mirror we painted black to go in the bathroom, it was fun to paint.

Laura taping up gettin ready to paint!
Lindsay shopped all day and just pretended to help.
Can you believe how beautiful this mural is? Lauras' mom Jane is so super talented.
These three were putting together the chair bed from IKEA. Which is quite a task.
The three little babies the room is dedicated to, it feels good to do something to remember these three angels.
The crew that did all the finishing touches on the room. And I loved this bedding, I wanted to steal it.
Some photos taken by Angie of course! Do you recognize that round faced cutie in the top photo? It is the ever adorable Ella! We wanted the room to feel happy and I think these photos accomplish just that.
Rach did an amazing job on this valance, she took it overnight and came back with a masterpiece! So much better than I could have ever done!

Jane in action working on her mural. At the end of the day she said thank you for letting me work on this, and believe me the thanks is all mine to give.
Working on the furniture by the light of a lamp!
Traces of the "cowboy" room before we got our hands on it.

My heart is really full just thinking of all the hands, time, money, hard work, fundraising and people that made this project happen. I am so grateful to have friends who will help me carry out service projects like this. We raised right around 1,000 dollars, so amazing.
Special thanks to-
Rachel who jumped right on board and helped me plan all the fundraising and little details, you are amazing.
Angie who totally gave of her amazing photography talents and raised so much money.
Casi for coming and helping with the dirty work even though you have so much going on.
Jane who pulled the room all together with her beautiful mural.
Hailee for being so fun and in a great mood and jumped right in to any mundane task given and for putting up the fixtures in the bathroom (did not look fun!)
Lindsay you are such a great person to have on a project, you keep it fun and funny and will help with anything that needs doing.
Laura you are the best person to shop for and design a room with, your taste and attention to detail is awesome.
Joelle for taking Deacon ALL DAY LONG so I could do this project.
Everyone who donated money, got pictures taken and supported our cause- you have helped brighten someones day who is in a tough situation. Until next year!
PS click on Laura on my sidebar, she got some great photos of stuff I missed!


JLH DMB said...

AND Thank YOU Sophia for being such an inspired, creative, loving, sweet, generous, talented, amazing person and friend. The room turned out so perfect! I feel so lucky to have the friends we have...and Jane, I don't know you but you are one talented lady, I need you to come on over to my house:)
Sophia, you're such a great friend to me, and I look up to you so much for so many reasons. You didn't have to include my little Angels but it means the world to me that you did. Thank you.
We LOVED having Deacon over, Dane wants, "Deacon come right back."
We'd love to have him any time!

The Hungry Fashionista said...

I Love all the things you wrote! You are so nice, we couldn't have done it without YOU!

Lisa B. said...

What a wonderful project. I love how you all gave your energy and creativity, your thoughts and your love of beauty, to this effort, and how it shows. You're right, it will give comfort to people in an hour of need, and I love that about this project. What a wonderful bunch of people you all are! Gorgeous and inspiring.

The Blanchard Family said...

WOW! You are one special gal for heading this project up and taking the time to make it PERFECT! You are so creative and talented and that definitely shows in this finished product! I am sad I couldn't be there to help today and see the end result, but glad to see the pics! I can't wait til next year when I can be FULLY on board. You gave me more credit than I deserve, but I am glad I could help the tiny bit that I did. I love the feeling of knowing that someone will have a slightly more comfortable stay during a very hard time. I LOVE YOU!

jamie said...

Wow! That room looks fantastic! What an awesome project!!!

Amelia said...

I am so proud to be your sister.
Looks fantastic.

Jill said...

I think you guys are amazing! I'd like to donate something next year (I don't like to get dirty).

P..S. Can you and Laura come decorate my house?

Lesley said...

That looks AMAZING!!! Way to go!! That is so awesome you raised 1,000 bucks! I'm sure Ronald McDonald House is so grateful!

LindsSawyer said...

So fun Sophia. You know I don't blog anymore but had to comment on this it every year!

Rachel said...

woohoo!!! I LOVE the project and the room!! Thanks for letting me help! I have to admit taht I was REALLY looking forward to some Sophia tears.. maybe next year??

PS. These pictures of me should be put to rest in IKEA hell...